Send SMS
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Simple REST API for sending and receiving SMS.

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How it works

Not a rocket science, really...

$ curl POST '' \
 --header 'Authorization: Bearer your-token' \
 --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
 --data '{
  "recipient": "420123456789",
  "message": "Hello from smsbot!"

Super simple API

Set only destination phone number and the text you want to send. No SDK or client library required, just HTTP.

Open Swagger


You can use the API right away or send us your own SIM card. Then pricing per message is based on your GSM provider.

Free Package

0 CZK /month

You pay 0.75 CZK per SMS

Get the access
  • 100 SMS per day
  • Shared system number
    Own phone number
    Receiving replies

Hosted package

200 CZK /month

Pricing per SMS is based on you own SIM card.

Contact us
  • Sending messages is free
  • 250 SMS per day
  • You have your own number
  • Recieving replies